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We are pleased to have you visit our website and hope that you find all information you need useful.


Are you an individual wanting to gain a new qualification or are you already in work and looking to further your professional development by acquiring more qualifications?


Are you a business organisation wanting to develop and enhance your staff? Are you a Career Advisor looking for information and career pathways for young people? Please get in touch, we can support you whether you are an individual, an organisation or a career advisor.

If you're a nursery nurse, nanny, nursery setting, parent or are looking at getting into the childcare industry - we will have a training course for you.

Our vision is to create an environment where learners participate, excel and are proud of their achievements when they come to the end of their journey with us

Alpha Training aims to empower the workforce of tomorrow by striving to offer a creative, progressive and accessible setting to learn, where learning is accepted as the culture for all communities, where provision meets demand and needs of all communities.


Ultimately, the centre aims to provide a medium through which individuals can find personal fulfilment and skills, for employment and life.

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