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By guest, Aug 19 2016 10:45AM

Hi Alpha learners may I say well done for all the hard work and for those of you who have completed Congratulations.!! Hope this qualification takes you towards your next step. The sky is your limit.

Please do spend a few minutes to write some words of reflection about your experience at Alpha Training.

1. How helpful did you find the staff and tutors at Alpha training?

2. How helpful did you find the classes?

3. How helpful did you find the work experience / and if you were already in work did your training help you achieve better practice?

4. Prior to now we have sent you all information about class changes updates about classes by texts, do you think that this is better done by blogging?

5. Are you thinking of going into business for yourself or working with other people ?

6. Would you be requiring Alpha Training to give progression advice? .

7. What Areas of improvement would you suggest?

8. What support or help or guidance did you get?

9.What difference did the support or help and or guidance make to you?

Please comment below, we'd love to hear your feedback.

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