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Our success is built on ensuring that the learners’ journey with us provides them with the very best environment in which to achieve, whilst also being committed to supporting the needs of their employer.


With proven techniques and a commitment to quality, we at Alpha Training have built a reputation and are recognised as a name you can trust and count on to get results for both individuals and organisations, as we continuously strive to provide significant added value to the learners, employers and partners that we work with.


We have lots of information on funding, bursaries and much more on our pages.  We hope that your experience with Alpha Training is one which stands you in good stead for all your future goals and ambitions and we look forward to welcoming you onto a training programme which leads you onto more success in life.

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Alpha Training provides nationally accredited training programmes, tailor made courses and career advice for candidates with various interests.  

We promise to strive for excellence and quality to help our candidates achieve their goals.

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Alpha Training Institute is a Training Provider and have been in operation since 2007.

We are based in London, East Ham.

To provide each and every candidate at Alpha Training with a profitable learning experience to enable them to achieve personal targets and learning outcomes


To provide one to one mentoring, support and guidance to enable candidates to succeed in their chosen area of study


To provide excellent training programmes, which will in turn produce a high quality workforce.


To provide flexibility in our training programmes so as to meet individual needs and requirements.


Alpha Training Institute is the place for you.  At Alpha, we acknowledge that delivering a high level of training is of great importance to achieving a high level of performance in practice.  This is why we have a carefully selected staff team with a high level of occupational experience and expertise in teaching and learning.

Mission Statement

Alpha Training aims to empower tomorrow’s workforce by striving to offer a creative, progressive and accessible setting to learn, where learning is accepted as the culture for all communities, where provision meets demand and needs of all communities. Ultimately, the centre aim’s to provide a medium through which individuals can find personal fulfilment and skills, for employment and useful life.

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At the Alphabet House Nursery Schools, we provide children with excellent care and learning in an environment that is welcoming, clean, safe and secure.

The Alphabet House Nursery School is open from 8:00 to 6:00 pm Monday through Friday.

Alpha Training’s vision is to empower tomorrow’s workforce to make an impact in peoples lives through the delivery of learning programmes. As well as delivering effective career development, management, planning and advisory services for all individuals and organisations we work with.


Alpha aims

•To provide each learner a profitable learning experience- for a career

•To enable each learners achieve personal targets and qualification outcomes

•To provide each learner with support as needed to encourage success-

•To enable leaners enjoy learning to become quality skilled-